What does it take to be a “Super Community Manager”?

The community manager profession is very controversial and it is full of stereotypes. It is thought that it is a job proper to digital natives or millennials, who should have aptitudes and skills in technology handling. But it turns out that the use of technology, although basic, it is not everything.

I think being a community manager is about a multidisciplinary profession, in which people with different knowledge that do not necessarily depend on age must converge.

In fact, we could say that there are three basic skills needed in order to perform as a ”Super Community Manager”: content proficiency (know how to write), graphic design knowledge and marketing training.

At first glance, we are in front of three different professions (journalist, graphic designer and marketer) and it is hard to think in one person who has all these skills, knowing that we are ignoring the ability to program (software engineer) that is also an important part of this issue.

The question is, can one professional do all of that?

When it comes to quality content, I believe team work is essential. There are markets in which a single person is obligated to carry all this work, but results talks by itself: posts accompanied with good graphics, but with awful writing and terrible orthography; excellent content with bad images; or even very creative posts poorly pushed with meager marketing knowledge. All of these common errors force to throw away all the brand’s efforts.

In short, if you want to be a ”Super Community Manager”, I can recommend that you start thinking about putting together a good team, with which you can meet all the requirements needed of the online marketing.

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