Welcome to the famous Netherlands windmills

To visit The Netherlands is to know one of its well known identity symbols: the famous windmills.

Most of these buildings were constructed around XIII century and today there are around 1000 windmills surviving all around the country.

Primarily, these structures served to bomb water out of lagoons and wetlands to drain them and prevent inundations in nearby lands, meanwhile others were used to crush grain or saw wood; but, recently most of them were transformed into museums and fancy hotels.

Furthermore, the Kinderdjik network of 19 monumental windmills was declared by Unesco as a World Heritage Site in 1997. This place has the largest concentration of old windmills in all Netherlands and is considered the most photographed of all.

During my stay on this wonderful country I had the chance to see some of these, since there are a wide variety in each city and town, like with the traditional Katwoude village, located in the port city of Volendam, an ideal touristic place to spend a relaxing Sunday.

It is worthy to note the windmills are not only part of Netherlands geography, its part of the citizenship imaginary, too. It is such a huge part to their cultures that some of them, mostly the elder, reject the “new windmills”, wind turbines built on the coasts to generate electricity. In addition to generating noise; these turbines ruin the panorama of the traditional Netherlands and its beloved ancestral windmills.

tina paez on molen katwoude windmills, netherlands
Took this picture when I visited the Molen Katwoude, in Netherlands. August, 2011.

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