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digital marketing and social media management course angel paez

Handle your social media profiles and its codes to engage with your audience and potential clients. Highlight your brand on Internet with the most recent techniques on content marketing, automatization and impact measurement. This intensive course will give you the tools you need to command your communications on the important social media services.

Course content:

I module: The ABC of social media:

  • 1st unit: General issues about social media.
  • 2nd unit: Audience interactions.

II module: Content marketing on social media:

  • 1st unit: Content marketing.
  • 2nd unit: How to elaborate content for social media.

III module: Social media tools:

  • 1st unit: Automatic management strategies.
  • 2nd unit: Control and following strategies.

IV module: Metrics and evaluation on social media management:

  • 1st unit: Apps to evaluate and measure social media management.
  • 2nd unit: Phases of search and execution on metrics and evaluation of social media management.

V module: Redaction on social media and digital media:

  • 1st unit: Redaction.
  • 2nd unit: Usability.

VI module: Graphic design for social media.


branding and web positioning course angel paez

You need a web site now! Position your personal or corporative brand through digital branding strategies, tools and content managers. It is about your brand and you cannot give freely your data to another enterprise. Use social media to attract your clients and potential audience towards your web site with this course.

Course content:

Day 1:

  • Personal branding tips.
  • AIDA method to configure your social media: Attention, interest, desire and action.
  • “Omnicanality” principle: Your branding strategy must be holistic and coherent in every contact point.
  • Flexibility and liquidity.
  • 24/7 available: action, response and immediate rectification capacity.
  • Transparency.
  • Analytics: efficient management of Big Data.
  • Personalized branding communication and experience: active listening and co-creation.
  • Media in the hands of the audiences: collaborative economy.

Day 2:

  • Web sites tools (Domain, hosting and FTP).
  • Content Management System (CMS) introduction.
  • Characteristic and requirements.
  • Installation.

Day 3:

  • Platform traits and tools.
  • How to set up your CSM as a site or as a blog.
  • How to publish SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content for your web.
  • Appearance and design personalization.
  • SEO basic plugins and tools.


consultancies and trainings angel paez


My career on communication science and research had let me work with personal brands, business, organizations and companies of different areas and sizes. With this experiences, I am qualified to consult you or train you in a more direct and personal manner, guaranteeing you the recognition of your brand on the digital environment.

My duty is to help you and the professional team of your organization with strategies, methods and plans, specifically design for your current status.

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