The hidden treasure of Teotihuacan

Every journey is filled with hopes that feed our curious mind, filling the spirit and the soul. This is part of the travelling essence, especially when you fulfill the dream to step into such a monumental and magical structure like the sacred citadel of Teotihuacan, in Mexico, where the Sun and Moon Pyramids dwell.

If you are travelling to Mexico City you cannot lose the opportunity to visit one of the world’s biggest historic and architectonic jewels. In the ancient náhuatl language, “Teotihuacan” means “the place where Gods are born” or “City of the Gods”; this reflects the Aztec cosmovision about how the Gods created everything that surrounded this people.

The city is located on the “Valley of Teotihuacan”, between Mexico City and Puebla, inside the heart of the Mexican plateau. The biggest grand city of America was constructed in this area, flourishing around the Classic period, between 150 d. C. towards 750 d. C.

Teotihuacan was highly influential in the Mesoamerican economy, politics, architecture and art. The people of this culture built pyramids compound on the region, being the Sun and Moon Pyramids the largest of all. In fact, the Sun building height surpasses the 60 meters height!

Other important places inside the citadel are the Calzada de los Muertos (Avenue of the Dead) and the Quetzalcóatl Palace, where visitors can see numerous paintings in the walls.

Nevertheless, the Aztecs disappeared after the Spanish arrival to Mexico; therefore there is no documentation about them. During the colonization period, Teotihuacan was hidden for the foreigners, time and nature hid the pyramids between plants and rocky terrains, making them look like mountains. It was during early XX Century when an archeologist group found the secret inside those mountains: The Sun and Moon Pyramids and the entire citadel.

Besides the historic value of Teotihuacan, the buildings also envelop traditions and some beliefs. Tourists visits the Pyramids during the beginning of the summer solstice to receive some sort of cosmic energy. In reality, these architectonic marvels are aligned with the stars and the solar system, thanks to the math, geometry and astronomy advanced knowledge of the Aztecs, which could explain these beliefs.

I am not sure if this place could charge you with some sort of energy, but I can assure that visiting Teotihuacan filled me with great satisfaction and admiration for everything it means. It is an exciting trip to the glorious past of the Aztecs which gave me plenty of emotions, a unique experience that everyone should live. That’s why we all should value this past, appreciate it, open our soul and mind to receive, enjoy and get filled by this incredible treasure, hidden during thousands of years in the heart of Mexico.

It is said the Sun Pyramid in Teotihuacan have the power to grant wishes.

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