The beer experience on the Heineken Museum

Amsterdam is a city filled with charming and diversity; this is reflected in the variety of museums around the Netherlands capital, like the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh museum, Rembrandt museum, the House of Ana Frank and Madame Tusseauds, which will satisfy all art and history lovers.

But, if you are a beer lover, like me, you cannot lose the chance to visit the Heineken Museum, also called the Heineken Experience, where you will enjoy an interactive exposition dedicated to the history and the world that surrounds this prestigious beer brand.

Inside these installations you will know and learn everything about the beer fabrication process and the brand’s evolution, built by the Heineken family. The Museum is located on their first distillery, constructed in 1867 and, while the building suffered some reforms since the 1988 closing to reopen it as a museum, each place of the factory retains its original character, even keeping the huge cauldrons.

During the route on the Heineken Museum, the workers explain in a didactic way the process from the very beginning. You can touch the ingredients and even experience the large road of the beer bottle after it stops in the hands of the consumer, in a 4D way, with games and interactive panels with trivia and curiosities about this popular beverage.

Later, after this learning course on the Heineken Museum, you can sip some tasty beer in the lounge area (included on the ticket). As you can see, this is a fun activity. Proost!

First Heineken factory
This is the first Heineken factory.
heineken museum experience
I truly recommend this Heineken Museum Experience!
Tina Paez checking old cauldrons of the Heineken Museum
Check out the old Heineken cauldrons!

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