Be a leader, not a boss

In our societies, it is very easy to find bosses, bosses that the higher you are in the business hierarchy, the more similarity you have to a monarch than to a leader. A leader is one who guides and helps his team work for a purpose. A leader does not have Machiavellian ideas because the end does not justify the means. Your boss does not mind saying goodbye to you, or a handful of people, or a whole branch for an end either for money or power.

A leader works with his team and takes into account each one of the people, not as figures, nor as a number or a statistic, but as human beings with skills and defects that have problems and are wrong. A great leader tries to improve as a person and help to be a better person to those around him. 

How not to follow a person who cares about you and watches over you to be better. A leader like a King Leonidas who fights at your side feeling just like you, pain, hunger and fatigue for the days of fighting against the Persians. But you do not, you have a leader like Xerxes who, from his throne on a hill at Thermopylae, gives orders and sees his men die, no matter how many of them fall to get his end. 

When the human being began to live in society at the beginning of the Neolithic, it was to be more sure of the dangers of the world, from the stalking of predators to the little abundance of food, but to achieve it, leaders emerged in charge of one or several tasks, so that the members of these old societies felt safe and slept peacefully because they knew that someone took care of them at night. That while you could be in charge of the pottery, others were in charge of serials or hunting and you did not have to worry about breathing. A good leader gets everyone to trust the other team members and in him. 

People prefer to have a leader than a boss. A leader motivates; a boss imposes, a leader is willing to help you; a boss does not, a leader generates confidence; A boss generates fear. For these reasons we give you some tips to be a good leader: 

What do I need to be a good leader? 

  • Leave the opportunity to make mistakes. Remember that making mistakes is human. In a traditional company that one of its employees makes mistakes would lead to his dismissal. But a leader must see these learning opportunities in his team and guide him to do things in the most suitable way possible. Of course, you do not have to be a nerd either because there are people who are not going to combine in your team and not in the rhythm that you have or people who do not like to learn new things.
  • Do not be toxic and avoid rubbing shoulders with toxic people. Toxics are people who harm you in a psychological way and prevent you from progressing and growing as a person. There are different levels of toxicity, but here I tell you to avoid criticism and ridicule and start talking to build and not to destroy because words hurt and stick like daggers. Avoid also these toxic dynamics of companies creating environments of fear andrumors, making it difficult for your team their work and their personal lives. 
  • Reinforce trust: Do small dynamics or workshops to strengthen trust in you or between team members. And these tasks can increase the confidence to the point that all can almost “give their lives for each other“.

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