About Ángel Páez

About Ángel Páez:

I am a Social Communicator from the University of Zulia, Venezuela, with a Master’s Degree on Communication Science and a Social Science PhD. I have been trained on analytic journalism, E-government and social media in different organizations, like OAS, IAJ-USA and Social Trending.

My work field is in the digital communication area. Since 1998, I research digital media on the MediaLab of the Centro de Investigación de la Comunicación y la Información (CICI) (Communication and Information Research Center), located in the University of Zulia, in which I am currently the director.

Also, I have experiences on the editorial job. With the Dr. María Isabel Neüman (CEO of Ñ-Content), I aid to consolidate of the Editorial Office of Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín (URBE).

On the academic field, I founded the News Information and Communication Technologies courses on the Cecilio Acosta Catholic University (Unica) and the URBE. Meanwhile, on the University of Zulia, I am currently a Tenured Professor and the Chief of the Communication Research Department.

Furthermore, in my country, had the pleasure to lead the Venezuelan Communication Researchers Asociation (InveCom) as the President (2011-2013) and Vice-President (2007-2009, 2010-2011 and 2015-2017).

On an international ambit, I have formerly the Vice-President of the Iberoamerican Asociation of Internet Journalist, along Octavio Islas, from the Monterrey Tech (México), and been part of the directive committee of the Latinoamerican Communication Researchers Asociation and the Iberoamerican Confederation of Communication’s Scientific and Academic Asociations.

In total, I have written more than one-hundred editorial products, between books, chapters and papers.

I rely with a transdisciplinary team, focused in brands positioning through transmediatic narratives, distinguished by tales in which the story is displayed on multiple media and communication platforms (social media, web sites and editorial products), where consumers assume an active role on this expansion process”Ángel Páez