5 digital marketing trends that will mark 2018

This year, brands and companies will face new challenges on the social media field. After the increase in advertising investment and the introduction of “Generation Z” into the labor market, these will be some of the marketing trends for 2018:

1. Content marketing prevails:

Content marketing will not only be prioritized by Google. Facebook, after the beginning of the war against fake news, decided to give order to posts through a stricter filtering.

Therefore, the content published should be attractive and concise, but at the same time generate engagement within the community.

At the same time, storytelling and audiovisual content will become more prominent. According to Filmora, 87% of digital marketing teams will employ video in their campaigns during 2018.

2. More ephemeral content:

Social media was deeply marked by ephemeral content during 2017. In the case of Instagram, their Stories have a average of 200 millions of monthly users.

24 hours format result to be an excellent tool to brand positioning with low costs and with engagement guarantee for young audiences, so a higher penetration is expected on the millennial public during 2018.

3. The emergence of bots:

After an experimentation period, it seems that 2018 will be the year for bots. Digital marketing experts predict that these programs will improve many external communication processes of many brands.

This AI technology will allow companies to automate direct consumer services in 24/7 environments open. For example, in Facebook Messenger there are already 100.000 active bots on the sales sector, answering questions to many clients quickly and at low costs.

Online stores, health sector and e-bank services are some of the areas with most programmed chatbots.

4. Increased competition on mobile messaging:

Just in 2017, 8 of 10 social media users entered via Smartphone. This way, companies will try to reach their clients through mobile messaging services during this year.

WhatsApp, the leader platform of this market along Messenger by a close margin, presented in September the WhatsApp Business, a paid version built for companies that seek to establish a more personal interaction with their clients, through chat groups, bots and other direct communication solutions.

On the other hand, Facebook message service connect more than 1.000 million of users, who send daily around 2.000 million of messages.

Because of this, a lot of specialist agrees that mobile marketing will be part of the digital trends for this 2018.

5. The “Generation Z” arrives:

Much has been said about ”millennials” as the standard public within marketing strategies, but the ones who will start to mark the digital marketing trends in 2018 will be their successors’: the “Generation Z”.

Born between 1995 and 2012, these young people are considered the “real digital natives” and, during these months, the first members of this generation will enter the labor market with a slightly different mentality as consumers.

They use YouTube, Instagram and SnapChat almost exclusively from their mobile devices and, as they were born along the social media, will demand immediacy, impressive audiovisual content and high customer experience.

Brands should turn their eyes this year to the “Generation Z”, which already comprise 40% of global population. Millennials successors will request content, products and services according to their high expectations and their high technology consumption.

As can be seen, this year, the digital environment and the social media will experience new innovations and changes in the consumption patterns. What will become clear, after the uncertainty, is the need to tell good stories and engage users with brands through a more friendly style of marketing.

Today, there is a notable saturation of content, so digital marketing teams must find fresh and original ways to humanize their brands.

Which other online marketing trends will shock 2018? What do you think will happen this year on the social media world? Leave your comments and debate with us about it.

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